I had the privilege of producing this short film for Bristol's first Circus City festival. 50 shows in 14 venues! Time for a cup of tea.

Camera & Editing: Joe Clarke


Starring: Christopher Bullzini & Phoebe Bullzini

Camera & Editing: Joe Clarke

Additional Footage: Will Clarke & Joseph Aldous


A fantastic experience working as one of two animators on this feature film, I was responsible for animating Brian. I feel very blessed to have been given this opportunity, not many animators can say they made a hedgehog swear on the big screen accompanied by the narration of Simon Peg.

Distribution: Universal Pictures

Director: Chris Hopewell

Animator: Joe Clarke


Working alongside DOP Justin Noe I operated the camera and lighting on this international short film. The timelapse was a piece we produced for fun. It has now been used in many film festivals around the world and been viewed online more than 250k times.

Written & Directed by: Barry Purves

Produced by Loose Moose / Studio MIR

DOP: Justin Noe

Camera & Lighting: Joe Clarke


The first of several short films I have produced for the exceptionally talented Bullzini Family. This was shot on a cold and crisp winter morning in Bristol. It's been incredible watching and working for the Equilibrius show, the feeling of disbelief never dulls each time I see them perform. The headstand and bike turns my stomach (in a good way!).

Starring: Chris Bullzini & Phoebe Bullzini 

Filmed & Edited by: Joe Clarke


Here a music video I produced for slamboree. It was shot at many UK festivals in the summer of 2012, a crazy experience been given total freedom to explore the stage with a camera, the energy of this band is amazing.

Filmed & Edited by: Joe Clarke

Produced by: Pangottic Circus-Theatre 

Performed by: Matt Pang

Filmed & Edited by: Joe Clarke

Directed by: Chris Hopewell & Ben Foley

Animator: Joe Clarke